Daniel DeLoach

Singer | Songwriter | Piano/Organ | Lead & Harmony Vocals


     Daniel was born in Austin, TX July of 1975. Being born in our State's capitol and the "Live Music Capitol" must've had something to do with his musical influence! He began playing piano, by ear, when he was only 7 years old. He added percussion to his repertoire as a teen. In addition to his playing abilities, he also has smooth, soulful, vocal styling, in both lead and harmony, to complete the package.
     He has played solo at many events in and around the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Daniel started playing with several local bands to hone his ability to play country music.

“After high school I was told that to make money in Texas, Country was the music to be playing.”  -Daniel
    Daniel started playing with Southern Outback which played progressive country. After playing big dance halls, festivals, and major events, he was hooked and started getting picked up by other artists. Daniel started playing with Les Hartman which led on to bigger shows and his first studio experience. Playing high energy shows and playing with solid musicians lead the group to play with major artists like Chris Cagle, Earl Thomas Conley, Mark Chesnutt and later going on to do a tour with the group Perfect Stranger.  Daniel went on to play with the dance hall dance band known as Lost Wolf. Not only were they promoting a record which had 2 songs in the top 5 of the Texas charts, they played top 40 country, rock, & hiphop.

“It was almost like learning to play from scratch playing with those guys because it was so different”  -Daniel

            After playing with other bands here and there, Daniel got a gig with Pete Benz. Having 3 albums of music out gave Daniel a lot to learn but went on the road with Pete playing all over the country playing with major Texas and Nashville recording artists. Playing with Pete led Daniel to Nashville to meet and work with some of the most legendary producers in music. After touring and living out of a tour bus every week, Daniel got burned out and took a break starting a job in the IT field which is his next love other than music. This allowed more time to spend with his family and take on some other projects but music kept calling him back. Today, Daniel plays where fate leads him these days when he is not writing music, he is doing quite a few pickup shows from other artists along with doing solo & duo shows around the Hill Country

and the rest they say is history.


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